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How Heifer Scaled Community Engagement & Video Creation With PlayPlay

Heifer slashed video creation time from 6 weeks to days, quadrupling output with PlayPlay. Now, they're engaging their audience in a whole new way with impactful video campaigns on social media.

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Kirsten Humphrey

Aimée Knight

Public Relations Officer @Heifer

“It was often difficult… outsourcing video production makes the process more lengthy and not all creative decisions were under our control. With PlayPlay, we are much more intentional about planning and creating new visual content.”

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Spend less time editing and more time engaging your audience. Our AI-powered features take care of repetitive tasks, giving you time back to focus on message.

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Forget spending hours scouring the web for the latest video styles. PlayPlay’s pre-made templates featuring cutting-edge motion design and dynamic elements keep your audience engaged and algorithms happy.

Unleash Creativity While Maintaining Brand Consistency

Empower your team to create a steady stream of social media videos, all adhering to your brand guidelines. Pre-loaded branding assets and user permissions ensure consistency — no matter who’s making the video.